The first functional nutrition practice in Romania




NutriHealing is the first functional nutrition practice in Romania whose purpose is to improve patients’ health and wellbeing by removing foods causing intolerances and allergies from their diet.









NutriHealing helps patients attain physical and mental wellbeing by lifestyle rebalancing.


Due to a deep understanding of the body systems and mechanisms involved in the impairment and restoration of body balance, Dr. Alina Cernea, NutriHealing nutritional therapist, has the skills and competencies to prevent, alleviate or even cure a large number of chronic conditions and particularly autoimmune diseases. Dr. Alina Cernea attempts to identify the underlying causes and imbalances affecting her patients in order to treat them and restore their body balance and energy.

A healthy diet is essential to prevent diseases and to recover after illness. NutriHealing programs assess the impact of foods on patients and help them reach optimal health and manage their weight. NutriHealing programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient through a healthy diet and lifestyle to the exclusion of traditional dieting solutions.



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